Busy waiting

1 Jan

The fabric for Vivian’s bedding is on its way. I finally found Moda’s elusive Morris Tapestry collection at Karen Martin’s online quilting shop (link on the right) and placed my order on Friday afternoon – it should be here by this coming Tuesday. I’ve only ordered enough for a duvet cover/quilt (not sure which I’ll do yet – do toddler bed-sized duvets even exist?*) and am still debating the merits of a crib bumper.

Fortunately, I have plenty to occupy myself while waiting for the mailman. Several years ago, I fell in love with a little knit dress that was featured in Soak wool wash advertisements and was able to track down the pattern, called Clara, and yarn from Isager via The Websters. This was sometime in early 2008 and I had planned on knitting Clara as a baptism gift for a friend’s new daughter. But beginning with 240 stitches on 3 mm needles was a daunting task (the pattern calls for sport-weight yarn but I swear it’s light fingering weight) and I never quite got around to it. Now that Viv’s due date is approaching and we know that she is indeed Viv and not Wills, I have bit the bullet for the sake of a bit of heirloom knitting and cast on. I am proud to say that I have made it through the first eleven rounds of seed stitch and am on to the pattern.

I’ve also been planning distraction in the form of tidying up my craft room, which currently has a very creative vibe, where “creative” really means “messy and somewhat neglected.” The thought of moving around furniture and finding places for the stack of boxes that have occupied the corner for the past year and a half is even more daunting than hundreds of stitches on teeny, tiny needles. If all goes well I’ll have it ready in time to use comfortably for the great nursery bedding project. I promise before and after photos if this occurs.

*The Oracle Google says yes.


One Response to “Busy waiting”

  1. Nichole July 29, 2011 at 10:57 pm #

    THANK YOU!! I’ve been trying to track down this dress also! Yay!!

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