Trying New Things: Anna Maria Horner’s Sleep Sack Pattern

10 Jan

Viv’s quilt is well under way. I was a little bit anxious about hand quilting it, but chose to do so because I really wanted to put some time into it. And, it turns out that quilting is actually pretty meditative. I’ve finished the center and just have to choose a border and trace it onto the fabric, then quilt and sew on the binding.

I’m also working on some sleep sacks. The quilt is really rather large for a baby (I chose to make it toddler-sized, 42″x60″) and will probably serve more as a decoration than actual baby bedding, which makes me a little bit anxious. Besides, we live in Texas, and by the time Viv arrives the temperature will likely be in the 70s, if not higher.

The sleep sack pattern is from Anna Maria Horner’s Handmade Beginnings. Originally, I was planning on using a plain fabric instead of the patchwork, but I’ve had a couple of 5″ fabric charm collections sitting around for several years now, and this is a perfect use for them. With a 1/4″ seam allowance I managed to get a piece of patchwork fabric 19.25″ wide by 24″ long – but cutting out the pattern is much easier if you do it like this:

I’m loving all of this sewing, and am sort of sad that I’ll be returning to school tomorrow. My Tuesday/Thursday schedule should still allow me plenty of time for crafting, but I’m anticipating spending a good chunk of the week hunched over calculus homework. Guess we’ll see!


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