Sunday Breakfast: Creme Brulee Overnight French Toast

24 Jan

While we almost always eat dinner together, we’re usually pretty casual about it – we’ll sit on the couch and chat with our plates in our laps or park in front of the computer to watch an episode of Antiques Roadshow on PBS. But sometimes, if we’re feeling especially formal, we actually bring our plates to the dinner table, where pleasant conversation is paired with whatever happens to be on NPR. It feels special to set aside whatever we’re doing and focus on having a meal together, and it’s a tradition that I definitely want to continue with Vivian. One of my goals this year is to start having a “fancy” weekend breakfast, a time to look forward to spending together at the end of every week.

This Sunday’s breakfast included a favorite from the most delightful Bed and Breakfast ever imagined – the A.G. Thomson House in Duluth, Minnesota. We’ve had the good fortune to stay there twice now, and if the incredible hospitality, immaculate decoration, and perfect location weren’t enough, the innkeepers also make the. best. breakfasts. ever. We’re talking three-course meals here. And, the recipes are available should you want to attempt to recreate the wonder at home. Sunday’s Creme Brulee French Toast, while not as amazing as the original (I used maple extract instead of Grand Marnier) made for a great start to the day. And a wonderful day it was – with Green Bay going to the Superbowl! It’s been difficult today to come down from the excitement of the weekend and go back to the daily housework/homework routine – but with another family breakfast and lots of down time to look forward to, I think we’ll manage.


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