Super Bowl Sunday Breakfast: Spinach Quiche and Cheesecake

6 Feb

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! A green and gold spinach quiche seemed especially appropriate for the main dish of today’s brunch:

Quiche Directions: Sautee the chopped onions in a large pan; add spinach and flavor to taste – I used salt, pepper, and a Mediterranean spice blend. Allow to cook on medium-low heat until onions and spinach are soft and amazing-smelling. Meanwhile, in a large bowl, briskly whisk six eggs, then add cheese, onions, and spinach. Pour into a pie dish. Bake at 350 for 35 minutes; cool before serving.

We also had cheesecake with blackberry jam and berries. On Saturday evening I made mini cheesecakes for Sunday’s Super Bowl party (we don’t have a television and consequently used the promise of sweets and baked artichoke dip to bribe a game day invitation out of some television-owning friends) and had enough leftover crust and batter to fit into a small loaf pan, which made two perfectly-sized dessert squares for a sweet breakfast treat. Vegetarian “sausage” patties completed the meal. I have been trying to follow the high-protein, egg-rich Brewer Diet as recommended by our Bradley Method childbirth coach – this meal certainly met requirements. And, it was delicious.


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