Spring Break

24 Mar

Mr. Right took vacation during my school’s spring break, and while we had originally planned to go to Dallas to see a Gustav Stickley exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art, an unexpected heating oil bill for Home Up North had us reconsidering and ultimately canceling our plans. We didn’t do anything remarkable – perhaps ate out a bit more than we should have and slept in later than usual – but still had a fantastic time together. In between our leisurely activities, household maintenance, and my catching up with calculus, I even had time for some knitting, and finished a jumpsuit for Viv:

Sadly, while cleaning on Tuesday we discovered that moths had gotten to a sweater I knit for Mr. Right several years ago. It was in storage under the bed and was devoured within a matter of weeks. I’ll freely admit to crying – it took me months to knit and it was a special gift that I was really proud of making for my husband. After some tears, though, we got down to business and with any luck have destroyed the last of the moths. And, in a fit of feeling it quite necessary to show the now-defeated moths that they can’t get me down, I decided to knit Mr. Right another sweater, and set out experimenting with several different yarns. While I still haven’t found the perfect new yarn, I’ve been stopping after each new swatch to make use of the remainder of the skein, and have been knitting up a batch 2011 Christmas gift hats in the process. I have another yet one on the needles, and am also working on a crocheted yoga mat bag… The moths may be gone, but the yarn/craft bug has definitely bitten.

Hats, Swatches, and Cats



2 Responses to “Spring Break”

  1. mike s March 25, 2011 at 6:38 pm #

    Those heating bills tend to creep up on ya. I switched to a 12month plan about 10 years ago that resets every July. From August to next July the price is locked in with a set monthly payment. They re-do it in Match if you’re way under/over. So far I’ve always been ahead of or even every March. The nice part is that the July fuel price has always been lower than the price the following January, and since I’m locked in I pay the lower price. Not perfect, but keeps those 4-5 multi-hundred dollar refills at bay.

    • vivupnorth March 25, 2011 at 7:28 pm #

      Mike, we have a similar option. The cost ends up balancing out (for the most part) since we don’t pay anything while the oil sits in the summer months, but the bills are certainly shocking. And, right now the heat is only set at 55 so nothing freezes. Our furnace is old and needs replacing badly, but we’ll have to look at other energy-saving solutions once we move up. We have a high-efficiency wood stove but I’m not sure it’ll be enough.

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